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Are you an asphalt company in Flint Michigan looking for the best product? Do you understand that our plant is actually environmentally friendly? Our company's plants are very conscientious about being "invisible" to the public eye. US Paving & Stone in Flint MI take pride in our professionalism and the way we execute. Our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan is equipped with devices to filter air pollution.


The well being of our employees and our community as a whole is very important to our establishment. US Paving & Stone provides efficient service and the best quality asphalt and stone in Flint MI. US Paving & Stone in Flint MI have serviced commercial clients, general contractors, and residential work as well. We put our clients first and take pride in getting the job done the initial time. Something that is usually misconstrued is the confusion between bitumen and asphalt. Bitumen and aggregates are essential in our process.


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Our companies asphalt plant in Flint Michigan usually follows a simple procedure in which the asphalt is grounded in order to create an easy mixture. The bitumen is then mixed with the old asphalt and aggregate rock in order to make our asphalt just more durable! Our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan takes pride in the process of delivering top-notch asphalt to our customers.


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We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Bitumen is nontoxic and can be reused, but definitely is essential in our process. US Paving & Stone in Flint MI provides a safe work environment for our staff, which brings out the best in our company. This translates into a positive environment needed in order to produce top quality asphalt.


We also have the aggregates needed, which then allows our clients to increase their budget by not having to pay extra for more material needed. Our clients can just focus on high-quality asphalt in Flint MI. Our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan provides all the work needed. We are here to make sure you save money and create a way to budget your finances by utilizing our services.


Your needs and expectations are crucial to US Paving & Stone. It is important to understand that the materials such as bitumen or aggregate stone are to meet the required specifications for state transportation departments for the use of these elements.


Again, if you are an asphalt company looking for "A-1" asphalt, believe in US Paving & Stone to meet your customer and company's needs in Flint MI. If your Company has commercial work, US Paving & Stone can help "cement" profits for your business.

Asphalt Bitumen Flint MI


As the increase in your customer referrals rises, you can enjoy success because you carry the best product around. This can also put your company ahead of its competition. This eliminates unnecessary time to find aggregates, bitumen, and other materials that our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan already provides.


Please take advantage of what US Paving & stone has to offer! Our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan meets the necessary requirements to provide you with top shelf asphalt. We guarantee satisfaction from your customers and increased profits for your business.


Lastly, just to remind you that we have the aggregates and bitumen mixed thoroughly at our asphalt plant in Flint Michigan in order to finalize our product. Your clients will be pleased to realize that they made the right decision once the job is finalized. Do not just be satisfied with mid-level asphalt!


Your company and clients have the right to the best asphalt and deserve to live by that reputation. Do not hesitate to state that you carry the best asphalt in Flint Michigan! Having the resources necessary for your asphalt company to be successful is critical to us. Our plant in Flint MI will provide the best asphalt for your company's success.